So today an old friend IMed me on MSN and told me that his GF left him for HIS best friend since years back, and that just made me so sad. How can friends, do that to another friend? Best friend none the less. And this friend of mine is the guy who ALWAYS was there for everybody, and did not deserve this at all. Where is the world going?
Pose 1: BG – Holster it By Lena Hydraconis ❤
Pose 2: BG – Tell me all the things By Lena Hydraconis ❤
Pose 3: BG – Heartbroken Heartbeat By Lena Hydraconis ❤

Shape: Lizzy shape from Cheeky Bish
Hair: Maitreya Sasha – Blonds Pack (scandinavian)
Skin: Sophie – smoky cleavage + brown brows + lashes from Mynerva.
Eyes: [ESUGA] Realistic Eyes: Autumn
piercing: [ATOMIC] Piercings_Bridge Work(septum)
Tattoo: true love stories never have endings & AITUI TATTOO – Fuse
Necklace: TUHH #41 Atooly (The Uknown Hunt item 2010)
Tank: !Ohmai : HighRise Tank BLANK
Sweater: :SEY Maki2 zip up/Zebra
Jeans: *BOOM* Gettin Low Jeans -v2 (black)
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Elsa Boots – Black

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  1. rockstarroo skriver:

    you blogged my store <33


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