Angelic Lazy Sunday!

So Since I am wearing the same shape and skin as the last time I blogged I will only list the rest of the stuff 🙂 Angelic Lefevre Couture has released these ubercute winterboots that also comes in pink & red! I LOVE them! They are super cute and also super sexy and wintery! Perfect combination. This very adorable shirt is *Hollipocket* addition to todays Lazy sunday, avaliable for 75Ls! GO GET IT!

Hair: Magika [Hair][Mirrored] Safe ((NEW!!))
Ears: +pe+ Elder Ears ( Plugged Out )

Shirt: *HolliPocket* Lift Me Tops-Lazy Sunday (also comes in blue)
Pants: *Crank Design* New Outfit Aranja (only pants worn here)
Boots: Angelic Lefevre [Winter-B_Boots] R-Noir[Ngelic]

 Horns1: Horns.  [Made by the lovely Tinxxo Omizu ]
Horns2: DLS – Digital Deamon – Horns Appolyon (from a complete outfit which will be blogged soon)
Necklace/headphones: !Admiral Spicy! Sound Up!  Necklace
Piercing: !Admiral Spicy! Piercing V.5 (Simple Silver)
Bracelets: .u.n.y.u. Star*Cuffs [-Black-] [-Pink*Stars-] [group gift]
Nails: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gazellver*Ring&Nail/2(Female)

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