Don’t go waisting your emotions.

Yes, I am here again 😀 I got this gorgeous items to blog for y’all! They are from Bishes Inc, and are called ”The angel collection” They are sweet, sexy and just freaking genious! Why I edited this picture I was listening to the soundtrack from the new Mamma Mia movie, with Maryle Streep. If you haven’t sene it, DO IT NOWI love it ❤

Hat: (O&N) Fedora Buckle (Basic)
Hair: [Shag] – Voulez-Vous (Roots) – bombshell
Jacket: AOHARU Short Riders Jacket Black
Top / Panties: The Bishes Inc Angel Collection
Skirt: [EY:NO] Dark Miniskirt
Boots: drd lazy heel V2.0  tigh high

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